The Boston Architectural College
The Boston Architectural College (BAC) was the perfect incubator for me. I sharpened my eye for visual storytelling, honed my content management skills, discovered the world of DAM, and best of all, made some really great friends along the way. It was one of the most rewarding and dare I say fun jobs I've ever had. It's true folks, when you love what you do it really doesn't feel like work. Throughout my time at the BAC I was a program coordinator, in-house photographer, web content manager, and digital asset manager. There was never a dull moment at the BAC.

The BAC is located in Boston's Back Bay. This Texan was in heaven. 

Marketing + Communications
Our team was small but mighty. Art direction and design by Selbert Perkins Design. 

I ran head first into capturing the BAC and all the folks that made it special. I photographed classes, students, faculty, field trips, events and more. If it was happening on campus or affiliated with the BAC you could bet I was there to capture it. 
In addition to photography, I collaborated on a number of video projects with the very talented Matt Gelineau
Digital Asset Management
The BAC was rapidly creating digital assets – images, videos, audio files, documents, creative files, logos, and more. These assets were stored on servers, in multiple Dropbox accounts, and on local computers. This was causing costly obstacles in brand management and frustrating delays on creative projects. I took on the challenge to identify and implement a content management system for the BAC.
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